Dan Moore receives EGBC award

Professor Dan Moore has received the 2020 C.J. Westerman Memorial Award from Engineers & Geoscientists BC.

Of the award, the organization said:

“With a passion for engaging in work that contributes to real-world issues in environmental management, he has made outstanding contributions to the practice of geoscience, specifically in hydrology.

One of the biggest challenges in hydrology is the collection and analysis of high-quality stream discharge data. Dan refined and popularized a technique that uses salt as a tracer to estimate discharge in small, steep streams. This method is not only more accurate, but often far safer than other measurement techniques.

Dan has made many other technical contributions to the profession. He helped advance the ability to predict streamflow in ungauged catchments by evaluating and improving how regional temperature and precipitation estimates are downscaled over complex mountainous terrain, and by improving the theoretical basis of the predictive models themselves. He contributed to the development of a novel technique for estimating flows in ungauged watersheds by using a robust water balance approach. And, he helped develop various open-source software tools intended for use by consulting geoscientists in their analysis of hydrological data.

Dan has a long history of service to the community. He is a former board member and past president of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s BC Chapter. He was an active member of the Groundwater Advisory Committee for Galiano Island and provides technical advice on hydrology for ecological restoration projects run by the Galiano Conservancy Association. Over the years, he has also provided technical support to the Burns Bog Scientific Advisory Panel and the City of Vancouver.

Dan’s unwavering scientific integrity has earned him the respect of scientific and professional colleagues alike. He has been an outstanding mentor to many who have gone on to become professional geoscientists in BC and beyond. He is truly a leader in his field.”