Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Physical Geography, First British Columbia Edition

By Stuart MacKinnon, Katie Burles, Terence Day, Fes de Scally, Nina Hewitt, Crystal Huscroft, Gillian Krezoski, Allison Lutz, Craig Nichol, Andrew Perkins, Todd Redding, Ian Saunders, Leonard Tang, and Chani Welch

This lab manual is a cross-institutional project from British Columbia (BC), Canada that provides 22 labs to be implemented within first year post-secondary physical geography courses.

The labs have been developed to be easily adapted for various course structures, durations, and differing laboratory learning objectives set out by instructors.

Instructor notes are provided for each lab that outline the instructional intent of the lab author, along with some suggestions for modification.

The lab manual is licenced under creative commons (refer to licensing information) so that the lab modules can be modified as needed.

Publication Date: 2nd Edition, Summer 2021