BC Knowledge Development Fund invests in river project

A new project led by Dr. Marwan Hassan has received funding from the BC Knowledge Development Fund.

The Fluvial Landscapes Platform (LegoFlume) will allow teams at UBC to conduct experimental research that evaluates the impacts of climate change and land management on waterways.

The first experimental facility of its kind in Canada, LegoFlume will enable researchers to address questions that are currently very difficult to answer in the real world on human timescales.

This includes how the climatic shift to drier and warmer summers, accompanied by wetter and warmer winters, will impact freshwater ecosystems — including mountain rivers.

In addition to tackling big questions about our hydrological future, the LegoFlume facility will generate immediate and ongoing training and research opportunities at UBC for the next generation of researchers in engineering, physics, geology, computer science, geomorphology, hydrology and ecology.