GEOB course codes changing to GEOS

To better reflect the nature of our Geographical Science courses, all undergraduate GEOB course codes for UBC Geography will be changing to GEOS course codes.

When does this happen?

The change will take place starting with 2021 Winter Term 1 courses. When you go to register, you will see that your prospective courses now have a GEOS course code. You can enrol as normal, using the new course code.

If you are already enrolled in any upcoming GEOB courses, you will automatically be switched over to the GEOS course. You don’t need to do anything.

What about summer courses?

If you are already enrolled in summer courses, you don’t need to do anything. You may see in future materials such as assessment results that your course code has changed to GEOS, but this will happen automatically. It will not affect your registration.

Which courses are affected?

The below codes will be in effect for all former undergraduate GEOB courses from 2021 Winter Term 1 onwards.

GEOS 102 Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems

GEOS 103 Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes

GEOS 200 Atmospheric Environments

GEOS 204 Introduction to Biometeorology

GEOS 206 Geomorphic Processes and Hazards

GEOS 207 Introduction to Biogeography

GEOS 270 Geographic Information Science

GEOS 300 Microscale Weather and Climate

GEOS 302 Paleoecology: Lessons for the Anthropocene

GEOS 303 Tropical Ecosystems in a Changing World

GEOS 304 Synoptic Meteorology and Climatology

GEOS 305 Introduction to Hydrology

GEOS 307 Biogeography and Global Change

GEOS 308 Quaternary and Applied Geomorphology

GEOS 309 Geographical Sciences Field Course

GEOS 370 Advanced Geographic Information Science

GEOS 372 Cartography

GEOS 373 Introductory Remote Sensing

GEOS 400 Global Change Science

GEOS 401 Urban Meteorology

GEOS 402 Air Pollution Meteorology

GEOS 403 Catchment Hydrology

GEOS 405 Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOS 406 Watershed Geomorphology

GEOS 407 Vegetation Dynamics: Disturbance, Climate and Human Impacts

GEOS 408 The Changing Cryosphere

GEOS 409 Advanced Field Studies in Geographical Sciences

GEOS 415 River Restoration: Science and Society

GEOS 448 Directed Studies in Geographical Sciences

GEOS 449 Undergraduate Thesis

GEOS 472 Research in Cartography

GEOS 479 Research in Geographic Information Science

GEOS 490 Student Directed Seminar in Geographical Sciences

Are graduate course codes changing?

Not for now. Graduate courses retain the GEOB course code for the coming terms, and we will share an update if they move to GEOS.