Pacific Voices with Simon Donner

Simon Donner has launched a new 10-episode podcast called Pacific Voices, based on interviews Simon conducted during field work on his sabbatical. The idea behind the storytelling is to provide the general public with Pacific Islands perspectives on climate change — each episode is a chat with a friend and/or youth leader in Kiribati or Fiji about local perspectives, the resilience of Pacific cultures, getting their voices heard.

We’ve all heard about low-lying islands in the Pacific threatened by rising seas. What is it like to really live there? How are people responding to climate change? What do they think about the future of their countries? Join climate scientist Simon Donner for a series of in-person conversations with friends and youth leaders in Kiribati and Fiji about local perspectives on climate change, the challenge of getting your voice heard on the international stage, and the resilience of Pacific cultures.

Listen to the trailer for Pacific Voices on Spotify.