UBC Geography arrangements during COVID-19

Last updated: Friday 13th January 2023


Your health and wellbeing are our primary concern during this pandemic. If you are feeling unwell, or are unable to attend an in-person class because you need to seek testing or self-isolate, please reach out to your instructor and we will support you.

You will not be academically disadvantaged or penalized if you need to stay home. Reducing the spread of COVID-19 wherever possible helps to keep our community safe, and we strongly encourage all members of UBC Geography to make safe and informed choices.

Advising/Student Support

UBC Geography student advising appointments can be booked here, and both video conferencing and phone conferencing options are available.

You can also book an appointment with Arts Advising.

Graduate students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor and/or graduate chair Jim Glassman with any questions.

Guidelines and requirements for international students wishing to travel to Canada are changing regularly. Please contact International Student Advising with any questions about your personal circumstances before booking or embarking on travel. For student accommodation, please contact UBC Housing.

We will support you as much as possible in accessing course materials if your arrival to Canada / on campus is delayed due to COVID restrictions, the need to self-isolate, or the current student visa processing delays at IRCC – please speak with your instructor.


Most staff are offering in-person support at this time, but with the increasing adoption of flexible working by UBC, they may be remote for several days of the week. It is best to contact people directly.

A/V support is available from Aaron, including support for recording lectures in the Geography building. Please email in the first instance with any questions about online teaching. UBC’s Keep Teaching website is also being regularly updated.

Please check the Geographic Information Centre website for details on new processes for loans and returns.

Geography Building

The Geography building is currently open.

  1. During term time, the Geography building is unlocked Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 5:30pm. Outside of those hours, you will need your UBC Card for access. Students with evening classes will be given access until 8:30pm on those days.
  2. Building Operations have evaluated all teaching spaces in the building for adequate ventilation. You can review UBC’s Teaching Spaces Evaluation Summary in full.
  3. Please monitor your health and stay home if you are sick. Daily self assessment is required for those on campus, and you can use the Thrive Health or UBC Safe Vancouver tools.
  4. Please be considerate of those maintaining physical distance and be mindful that some members of our community are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and will wish to take additional safety precautions of their own. We ask that you respect these, as UBC maintains a respectful environment.
  5. Washrooms, kitchen areas and elevators have now returned to typical use/occupancy. Please be considerate of people’s concerns and personal space.
  6. If you have any issues or complaints, please let Sandy or your faculty supervisor know.
  7. Building Operations 822-2173; Campus Security 822-2222; First Aid 822-4444; Emergency 911.

Masking & Vaccination

As a department that endeavours to centre justice in our teaching and practice, we cannot abandon disability justice in our classrooms.

There are many vulnerable members in our community, so it is strongly recommended that you continue to wear a mask in all shared indoor spaces.

Health Canada recommends wearing a well-fitted mask that completely covers your nose, mouth and chin. It is easiest to obtain a good fit with a high quality (K)N95 / KF94 / FFP2 respirator.

It is also recommended that all UBC community members get vaccinated and if eligible, receive a booster dose. Free vaccines are available to everyone living in B.C., including international students and students from other provinces.

COVID-19 Campus Rules

Please ensure you are familiar with UBC’s COVID-19 campus rules.

  • Assess yourself daily for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Stay home if you are ill.
  • If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have symptoms of COVID-19, complete the BC Self-Assessment Tool and follow any directives given to you by public health.

If you have any questions about UBC’s broader response, or other facilities and services on campus, the university’s COVID-19 website has helpful FAQs and information.

We will update this page regularly as changes occur, and deeply appreciate how supportive and kind our departmental community has been to each other in this unprecedented time.