Dr. Marwan Hassan named 2023 AGU Fellow

Dr. Marwan Hassan, esteemed geomorphologist and faculty member, has been named a Union Fellow by the American Geophysical Union (AGU). A long-standing faculty member and former Director, Dr. Hassan (he/him) has been with the Department of Geography since 2003. A specialist in the routing of water and sediment and their associated channel characteristics, Dr. Hassan’s research links to the broader field of environmental science, with important environmental management applications.

The AGU named Dr. Hassan a fellow “…for his research excellence in the dynamics of coarse-bedded rivers and sustained leadership in research collaboration across disciplines and nations”. Each year the AGU nominates fellows across a variety of earth and space science disciplines from around the globe. The AGU community supports more than half a million advocates and professionals with the aim to “…advance discovery and solution science that accelerate knowledge and create solutions that are ethical, unbiased and respectful of communities and their values.” 

“Throughout my career I have been fascinated by questions exploring links between nature and society: How have humans impacted riverine landscapes? How will these landscapes change due to climate change, and what does this mean for ecosystems, and humans? 

I have been blessed that my engagement in science has been alongside a diverse group of peoples. This fills me with both gratitude and hope. Gratitude that my colleagues are willing to educate me and challenge my perspective, and hope that in our collective pursuit of knowledge, we both advance scientific understanding, and contribute to a greater purpose.” 

Dr. Hassan conducting field research with students

Dr. Hassan’s research lab at UBC is home to leading edge flume lab technology used to create physical models for geomorphology and hydrology projects. Combining flume lab research models, field work and data analysis, Dr. Hassan seeks to understand channel stability and bed material movement in both gravel and sand-bed river systems. The insights this research reveals about sediment transport and waterway flow in relationship to the surrounding landscapes contribute to our understanding of extreme climate change related events like drought and flooding. Dr. Hassan’s findings also broaden the field’s knowledge of landscape evolution, stream and river ecology and watersheds. 

Dr. Hassan in his flume lab at UBC

“Together as a science community, we can be catalysts for positive change and contribute to a future where science not only enriches our understanding of the world, but also promotes global well-being and peace.”

Dr. Hassan speaking to students in the field

Join us in congratulating Dr. Hassan on this much deserved accomplishment. As a leading senior scientist in his field and an exceptional mentor, we are grateful to have Dr. Hassan as a core faculty member here in the Department of Geography. We look forward to seeing where his groundbreaking work will take him and his students next.

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